The "three-body problem" is the term given to a situation in physics where you take the starting conditions for 3 planetary bodies and then calculate how their orbital mechanics will affect each other. It is a classic physics term because calculating how two bodies interact is simple, but when you add the third body, the math gets complicated.

Third Body Press is devoted to publishing books where things get complicated. We are an independent publisher based in San Diego, Calif. We have been in business since 2016, and our books are available worldwide in English in both ebook and print. Find us on Amazon.

We welcome inquiries around rights licensing, and we are currently accepting submissions for new or previously published works in the genre space opera and SF horror.


Our Team

Engelbart Humperdink III, Publisher

Engelbart took over the company from his father following a mysterious disappearance. Peter won’t allow us to let him out of the closet.

David, Creative Director

How many publishing companies can say that their creative director used to work for NASA? Well, David didn’t “work” at NASA so much as belong to NASA, and he didn’t “quit” so much as he was kidnapped in the dark of night. But we’re happy to have him!

Peter, Work Distraction & Cat

Peter is the power behind the throne. Our founder, Engelbart Humperdink II, left the company to him so we basically do whatever Peter wants.